Workweek Outlook: Will El Nino delay snow cover that stays?

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Once the Sault region reaches mid-November, we search for that snowfall event that could stay for the entire winter.  We’ve already had a couple of false alarms, but nothing has stuck. The week ahead has no risk of that happening as temperatures will be more than double the typical values found during mid-Fall.

This is typical of an El Nino for the Sault region. Previous similar events suggest we will continue seeing colder air blasts interrupted by warm spells. We might see snow arrive only to melt away days later – at some point, it eventually stays.  However, we may still watch for that snow cover that stays – all the way until Christmas.

Monday brings a mix of sun and cloud, with scattered afternoon showers and temperatures sneaking up to 7°C. Gusty northwesterly winds build throughout the day.

Tuesday will become mostly sunny with daytime highs of 8°C. Wednesday should bring more sunshine as temperatures climb to 11°C on a southerly breeze. Clouds start to build into the region on Thursday, but we will see one last day of warm weather as daytime highs hit 12°C.

A cold front arrives Thursday night to usher in the rain, followed by colder air on Friday and this weekend. However, it won’t be cold enough to bring a risk of snow – so the back-and-forth in temperatures and snow risk continues.

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