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Key events

Of the dance-off, emilyscatnaps says: “Well done to both couples there. I think Zara did seem more comfortable, so if she goes out she’s done really well and should be very proud of herself.”

pretentiouspenguin adds: “I was shocked by that, I thought it would be closer. I thought Eddie was better in the dance off. Some of Zara and Graziano’s lifts looked awkward.”

owbeck says: “The right decision, but I fear Zara doesn’t have many more weeks left.”

tomatopincushion says: “Lovely, lovely Bastille. Very moving. We are working through an A-Z of songs at my choir. My friend and I are desperate for P to be Pompeii!”

neko99 says of the group dance: “It’s all a bit Austin Powers, no?”

Readers’ verdicts

A short but sweet vox pop of your comments. neko99 says: “Will the Planet Earth III-themed group dance show Neil and JoJo stranded on a fake rock, trying to jive their way out of almost certain death?’”

avenueman adds: “Half expected ginger Neil to come on dressed as a flamingo during the Bastille/Planet Earth interval.”

MssssMiddlechop says: “What do we think of Claud’s ‘Whatever happened to Baby Jane’ tribute dress? Loved the Fosse opening number.”

Tonight’s other TV highlights

Viewers can now flip to Lenny Henry’s lovely new Windrush drama Three Little Birds on ITV1, Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker on Channel 4, wildlife series Big Little Journeys on BBC2 or or stay tuned to BBC1 for Antiques Roadshow from Ebrington Square in Derry. Catch yourself on, Fiona Bruce.

At 9pm, it’s the finale of chef drama Boiling Point on BBC1 or new police thriller Six Four on ITV1.

Films of the night? You’re spoilt for choice at 9pm with The Babadook on BBC3, Love Actually on 5Star or Carrie on Sky Sci-Fi. Too soon for Halloween horror?

Karen’s curse of Halloween

Venezuelan-born firecracker Karen Hauer might be Strictly’s longest-serving pro but her record in recent years leaves a little to be desired. She hasn’t stayed in until the Halloween special since 2020, when she reached the final with Jamie Laing.

Karen has now finished 12th for three years in a row – with Greg Wise, Jayde Adams and now Eddie Kadi. The fault of her celebrity partners, or her teaching skills and choreography? A mix of all three, probably. She’s a much-loved member of the Strictly family but Karen will pray for a more promising partner next year.

Eddie Kadi and Karen Hauer.
Eddie Kadi and Karen Hauer. Photograph: Guy Levy/PA

Eddie went from perfect 10 to exit door

It’s been a rollercoaster contest for comedian Eddie Kadi. He went from scoring this year’s first 10 just a fortnight ago – even if that was a brain-freeze from head judge Shirley Ballas – to two consecutive dance-offs and ultimately, elimination. The samba, Strictly’s dance of death which accounts for more than 20% of eliminations, claimed its second victim of the series.

That surprise 34-point streetdance aside, Eddie’s scores had become stuck in the early 20s. In a high-class field who are clocking up 8s, 9s and the odd 10, that’s relegation form. Shirley was reduced to complimenting his smile in slightly patronising style.

Yet he’s also justified in wondering what might have been. He’s more of a natural dancer than Zara McDermott, who still looks timid and tentative more than a month into the contest.

Ultimately, Eddie’s dances were simply too samey – high on hips, musicality and performance value, low on proper technique. The judges lost patience and Eddie lacked the fame factor to secure sufficient public backing. However, he’s been a highly likeable presence and done his profile no harm at all these past five weeks. Stay rocksteady, Eddie.

Eddie Kadi says his goodbyes.
Eddie Kadi says his goodbyes. Photograph: Guy Levy/PA

Sighs of relief for Annabel and Angela S

It was a nervy night for Annabel Croft especially. She was left second bottom of the scoreboard after her stylish but underpowered and error-strewn Charleston. However, the elegant ex-tennis player is clearly popular enough to be lifted clear of the bottom two by public votes.

It probably didn’t hurt that she’s paired with much-loved pro Johannes Radebe. However, Annabel needs to raise her glittery game next week. In a high-quality field, anyone who scores sub-30 points will be in danger from now on.

Angela Scanlon also had a narrow escape, having scored the same as Zara McDermott. Since her showstopping Movie Week Charleston, Angela has flatlined at 28 points. Time to start nailing those technical details.

Eddie and Karen’s last dance

As the K-team take their last turn around the ballroom floor to What Becomes Of The Broken-Hearted? by Jimmy Ruffin, the credits roll and their castmates crowd around to commiserate. Please stay with us for analysis and reaction.

Eddie Kadi and Karen Hauer’s last dance.
Eddie Kadi and Karen Hauer’s last dance. Photograph: Guy Levy/PA

Cometh the Hauer

His dance partner Karen Hauer returns the compliment: “You are a treasure. I’m going to miss you. We’re going to take up Congolese dancing. Thank you so much for being so positive and bringing such light and smiling. You’ve just been a beauty to all of us. You’re an amazing human.” Well said, Hotlips.

Eddie Kadi and Karen Hauer.
Eddie Kadi and Karen Hauer. Photograph: Guy Levy/PA

Eddie’s exit speech

In his farewell interview, Eddie Kadi thanks his “maintenance engineers” and his “whole new family”.

He tells Tess: “I’ve really enjoyed this, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I love dancing. This has been the highest moment of my career, the happiest I’ve ever been, but not just for me. My little baby girl is at home doing the Men in Black hands. More importantly, this little African boy just wanted his culture to shine. Everything I stand for, when it comes to my comedy or my presenting, is based on my culture and upbringing. Me and this wonderful queen wanted to entertain. I believe that God has brought this to me and this gem of a lady here has kept me happy. I love you so much. God bless you.” Sweetly said, sir.

Eddie Kadi pays tribute to Karen Hauer.
Eddie Kadi pays tribute to Karen Hauer. Photograph: Guy Levy/PA

Head judge Shirley Ballas agrees

The Queen of Latin confirm that she would also have saved Zara, so it’s unanimous. Still no split decision this series.

Eddie Kadi is eliminated

Which means the comedian becomes this year’s fourth celebrity to depart the dancefloor.

Anton Du Beke choose to save…

Zara and Graziano, “for a slightly cleaner technique”.

Motsi Mabuse chooses to save…

Zara and Graziano, saying “it was extremely close but came down to details”.

Craig Revel Horwood chooses to save…

Zara and Graziano, saying “their quality of dance was far superior”.

Verdict time

Did Eddie do enough to close that four-point gap? Did Zara do enough to maintain it? Let’s consult the four people whose decision counts.

Zara takes her turn

Culotte-clad Zara McDermott and her dance partner Graziano Di Prima now reprise their American smooth to Can’t Fight the Moonlight by LeAnn Rimes.

The judges praised the lifts last night but said it was stiff and she needed to stride out across the floor. She scored all the sevens for 28 points, four more than Eddie. If she completes the number without any major mistakes, surely she’ll edge out Eddie.

Eddie goes first in dance-off

Eddie Kadi and his pro partner Karen Hauer have another go at their samba, set to smash Afrobeats hit Calm Down by Rema featuring Selena Gomez.

The judges said last night that it was sloppy, stop-start and mistake-littered, awarding it just 24 points. Can he improve to close the gap on Zara?

Krishnan presented Channel 4 News in his dancing shoes

Good to know. It also rhymes, handily. He xplains how partner Lauren Oakley makes him practise with his eyes closed.

Annabel Croft is relieved and grateful to go through. Angela Scanlon admits she “looked like a terrified deer” and tells a cute story about her daughter. confesses that she doesn’t feel in control. Claudia insists that she doesn’t either. Dont go changing, La Winkle.

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