New computer controlled milling machine donated to Sault College

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‘Careers in skilled trades provide important contributions to our communities and our growing economy,’ says Studica Inc. spokesperson

Sault College students have an exciting new piece of equipment to learn on thanks to a generous donation from Studica Inc.

The donation of a new computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling machine adds another learning tool to the school’s existing complement that now includes five CNC mills and three CNC lathes, the school said in a news release.

The Tormach 700MX donated by the robotics and software firm is valued at $36,500.

Sault College’s students will use the CNC to learn programming and machining skills and gain experience manufacturing parts from their designs, the college said.

Machinist apprentices will also benefit as they will get to use the new equipment to enhance their knowledge and practice their hands-on skills at Sault College using the latest CNC technology.

“Careers in skilled trades provide important contributions to our communities and our growing economy. We are pleased to support Sault College to elevate trade programs and support student success,” said Derek Murphy, Studica Inc.

Studica has been a great college supporter and partner helping to advance student learning in this in-demand area, college president David Orazietti said.

“A donation such as this gives our students the opportunity to work and learn on new technology, expanding their knowledge and skills, making more versatile students and graduates,” Orazietti added. “We thank Studica Inc. for their generous donation as well as Prof. Peter Corbett and our staff who assisted in bringing this technology to our college.”

“Studica has been a steadfast supplier for equipment, technical support and supplies since 2019 when Sault College introduced its first CNC expansion in many years,” Prof. Corbett said. “We are grateful for the ongoing support, and we look forward to continuing to work with Studica.”

As part of this donation, Sault College purchased accompanying accessories and has incorporated the use of the new technology into the students’ learning.

Studica Inc. continues to support the use of the technology through training and ongoing maintenance, the college said.


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