Huron Shores working to preserve historic Dean Lake Bridge

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Huron Shores plans to complete testing of the bridge to create a long-term plan for its maintenance and upkeep

The historic Dean Lake Bridge, built in 1908, is about to see some changes.

Huron Shores is starting with a 3.9 m height restriction that comes into effect this fall and continuing with inspections and testing to formulate a long-term plan for the bridge.

Spanning the Mississauga River and almost 91.5 m in length, Dean Lake Bridge is popular with photographers and bridge enthusiasts.

It’s located east of Iron Bridge, just off Highway 17.

The township hosted a meeting in June to get public feedback on the future of the bridge and, based on that feedback, has decided to repair any damaged steel and perform metallurgical testing on the bridge.

This testing is expected to yield data the township will use to create a long-term maintenance and upkeep schedule for the bridge so it will be safe for visitors and locals to enjoy for many years to come. 

Dean Lake Bridge will need to be closed periodically over the fall to facilitate testing and repairs.

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